Who we are

Eluyem Tech Foundation is a non-profit, non-political skills development initiative promoting tech inclusion and diversity, skills development and decent jobs for women across continents.

We are duly incorporated (RN: 181429) and headquartered in Nigeria.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote the entry, retention and advancement of women in tech-driven careers towards their active participation and contribution for individual and social development

Our Objectives

  • To promote awareness and advocacies about emerging technologies and relevant tech skills amongst women
  • To advocate for the creation of motherhood-friendly workplaces; promoting inclusion and diversity
  • To provide trainings that equip women with technical and digital skills
  • To support women especially mothers in low-income households with scholarships skills development programs
  • To provide a social learning community that advances women tech skills development
  • To enter into partnership with any individual, corporation, government, non-governmental organizations to carry out projects incidental to our aims and objections

Our Story

Women are still hugely under-represented in tech especially in Africa and through our work with women at the Digital Women Bootcamp, we have discovered the unique problems and barriers women face in their different journeys to leverage technology for your professional or entreprenuerial growth.

We have also seen the need for more women-friendly initiatives targeted at millenials who are often not the primary focus of most tech empowerment initiatives. We have come to bridge that gap while also encouraging the younger women in tech.

Eluyem Tech Foundation is an offspring of MumsWhoCode, a platform that provides a social learning environment for mothers learning to code, since 2020

Through Eluyem Tech Foundation and her programs like Digital Women Bootcamp, the founder, Aghama Moriah Jesurobo with the support of Team Members and Partner Organizations aims to equip 10,000 women especially mothers with digital and technical skills by 2015

We believe this will not only increase the economic and livelihood status of these women and their families, it will catalyse more children in tech and further grow the tech landscape in Africa, positining NIgeria and Africa as a relevant hub for global technical workforce.