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Our success stories include those of women who participated in our Digital Women Bootcamp and continue to thrive haven applied the knowledge and skills gained from our tech skills capacity-building platform.

From gaining new jobs and promotions, starting online businesses and increased salaries, these women have experienced life-changing impact for good. Some of our beneficiaries have even returned to pay-it-forward.

Our goal is to equip 10,000 women including mothers by 2025 with digital and technical skills. We understand the enormity of this goal but also believe that it is worth the commitment.

Women have the potential to contribute massively to the current digital evolution and shape a digital society that works for all. Our society can not afford to miss out on their potential contributions.

Through your partnership with us, we can continue to advance the representation of women in tech as well as enable women to make positive and technological contributions to society.

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We promote decent jobs for women, tech diversity & skills development.

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